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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Pinghu XinbaoTex Science and Technology Textile Co.,Ltd is located in Yangtze River delta “the hometown of clothing “ --- Pinghu Zhejiang, where adjoins Hangzhou on the south and Shanghai on the east. Pinghu has the unique geographical superiority and convenient transportation. It has been a preofessional laminating comprehensive enterprise for years with extensive experience. XinbaoTex exists high quality profession and technical team, first-class manufacture equipment and developed detecting means.



        application area


        Tpu, ptfe, pu and other clothing high-tech waterproof and moisture-permeable composite fabric; neoprene (cr, sbr) diving fabric; eva, pvc and other luggage fabric composite, widely used in clothing, luggage, shoe materials, sports goods, diving equipment and other industries.

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